Welcome to IM Land's community engagement website for the future proposed development at Spencer's Farm, Maidenhead. The consultation period for comments on the Spencer's Farm Stakeholder Masterplan Document (SMD) has now closed. Thank you if you submitted feedback to us. All the comments we received have been carefully considered and have informed the preparation of planning applications for the development of Spencer's Farm.

Spencer's Farm is a housing allocation in the adopted Borough Local Plan (site references AL25 and AL28). IM Land are the promoters of the site and have undertaken various site assessment work and public engagement activities for Spencer's Farm since 2017. This has allowed a full understanding of the site's potential opportunities and constraints and has informed the development vision for the allocation of the site in the Borough Local Plan.

The SMD was prepared to ensure that design principles and site delivery matters associated with the development of Spencer's Farm were discussed in collaboration and consultation with the Council, stakeholders and the local community prior to the submission of a planning application.

A copy of the Stakeholder Masterplan Document can be found on the engagement page. We have also provided a plain-text accessible version of the document too.