Welcome to IM Land's community engagement website for our proposed development at Spencer’s Farm, Maidenhead. Please note that our recent engagement exercise has now ended, however this website continues to provide information on the emerging scheme and sets out ways in which you can get in touch with the project team.

Spencer’s Farm is a proposed land allocation in the emerging Borough Local Plan (site references AL25 and AL28) which will provide up to 330 new dwellings and a new primary school, with supporting infrastructure and landscaping. Site assessment and public engagement has been ongoing since 2017 to allow a full understanding of the site’s potential opportunities and constraints, and this has resulted in two site areas being defined; one for development, and one for open space.

The emerging Borough Local Plan proposes to remove part of the Spencer’s Farm site from the Green Belt and it is on this land that the new dwellings and primary school are proposed. The area that will comprise planned open space will remain within the Green Belt and will be designed to offer improved public access and a higher quality of open space.

Earlier public consultation has previously been undertaken by IM Land as part of this site’s development (in November 2017) and comments from this event have been taken on board in the preparation of the current ‘Concept Master Plan’ for the site. The Concept Masterplan section of this website provides more detail.

The recent community engagement was to inform a ‘Stakeholder Masterplan’ document. The Stakeholder Masterplan document will provide planning guidance to inform the development principles that will be included as part of a future outline planning application for Spencer’s Farm. The requirement to prepare a stakeholder masterplan is established within the emerging Borough Local Plan and provides local residents and other stakeholders a further opportunity to influence development proposals prior to the submission of a planning application. The Stakeholder Masterplan process is explained fully in the Stakeholder Masterplan section of the website.

The views of the local community as local stakeholders are important to us and we welcomed your feedback on all elements of the scheme up to Friday 6 August. We arranged two live online sessions to allow people to actively engage with the project team and enable their comments to shape the proposals and recordings of these sessions can be found on the Engagement page.