You may have been involved in the first round of consultation that we held on the draft Spencer’s Farm SMD last summer. We held a stakeholder engagement webinar and a virtual design workshop in July 2021 to invite feedback on the draft scheme and to gather views on the greatest sensitivities and wishes for the site’s future as it is developed. Recordings of these sessions can be accessed here:

Click here to view Spencer's Farm Webinar

Click here to view Spencer's Farm Workshop

This provided an opportunity for the local community to input into the scheme and shape not only what the site might look, and how it would function in the local context. More details on the earlier consultation on the draft proposals are set out in Section 4 of the Spencer’s Farm SMD.

We have recently consulted on the final Spencer’s Farm Stakeholder Masterplan Document.

The public consultation period has now closed. Your feedback is important to us. All the comments we have received are being considered and shared with the project team.

If you would like to ask any general questions, please send us an email to SpencersFarm@bartonwillmore.co.uk.