Opportunities and constraints

A summary of the key constraints and opportunities which have informed the masterplan are set out here:

  • No built development within the floodplain
  • The eastern part of the site presents the opportunity to provide accessible public open space with an enhanced wildlife corridor
  • Vehicular access can be taken from the B4447 (Cookham Road/ Gardner Road) in the southwestern corner of the site with a potential for emergency pedestrian/ cycle access from Westmead
  • There is an opportunity to link into the Green Way and wider public right of way network which pass the site along the eastern boundary across the Maidenhead Ditch
  • There is an opportunity to create a sustainable development which enhances pedestrian links within the urban area including to Furze Platt station
  • A single, prominent oak is located centrally on the eastern edge along with a woodland to the north, both of which will be retained and incorporated as part of development proposals
  • There is also the opportunity to plant a new specimen oak tree to ensure the succession of the existing tree over the long term
  • The retention of trees along southern and western site boundaries benefits the setting of the development and the relationship with neighbouring dwellings and the railway line
  • The proposals will consider the relationship between properties that adjoin the southern boundary of the site and seek to ensure that the amenity and privacy of these properties is respected
  • The re-profiling of the site presents the opportunity to both provide gradients suitable for development but to also ensure that drainage systems can convey water and reduce flood risk
  • Significant opportunity to deliver ecological enhancements through the provision of a range of new habitats of higher quality which will contribute towards the biodiversity net gain requirement
  • A church spire is visible from the centre of the site that could inform street alignment in order to create a purposefully designed vista