Stakeholder Masterplan Process

As part of the emerging Borough Local Plan (2013 – 2033), the Council has committed to working with landowners and developers to prepare ‘stakeholder masterplans’ for developments above stipulated thresholds, which includes 100+ net new dwellings, and 5,000 sqm of employment or mixed use floorspace.

The stakeholder masterplan process requires developers of larger sites to engage with the Council, local community and other stakeholders at an early stage in the development process, and provides a framework for the preparation and submission of the subsequent planning application. The site promoter is ultimately responsible for preparing the stakeholder masterplan document. Engagement will be focussed on key issues, priorities and development options, and also preparation of the draft and final stakeholder masterplans, which will then be approved by the Council for development management purposes.

Please take a look at our timeline which will give you a good idea of our activities over the coming months.